Oct 15, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for 10.15.05

  1. Heaven by Larisa Stow
  2. Astronauts In Love (Radio) by Druk
  3. Trailer Park Queen by Teresa Gunn
  4. Medaka No Gakkou (School Of Ricefish) by YU:MI
  5. City Jam by Zengineers
  6. The Revolution by Ate One
  7. Lovely Day by Terror At The Opera
  8. Red & Blue by Druk
  9. Contact 1 2 3 4 by Messer Chups
  10. Devil exit from fashion by Messer Chups
  11. Intro Monstro Crescendo by Messer Chups
  12. Blackboard Jungle Dub by Disrupt
  13. stare kwasy by banda tre
  14. skandal na bibie feat. NDK by banda tre
  15. Vision by Ate One
  16. Fine by Lash
  17. Orgia of dead 2 by Messer Chups
  18. the spank (Florian Filsinger - Salamandroids mix) ... by geistfrei
  19. Psycho Beach Party by Florian Filsinger
  20. Funky Trudi by Schaeng Pfui & Maetes B.
  21. Lama Bama Dong Ding by Schaeng Pfui
  22. Halv kapott by Maetes B.
  23. Vtoraya Lubov by NAMBAVAN
  24. Turning around by Happy Elf
  25. Off the Hook by Livesexact
  26. Speed Up by Pureape


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