Nov 20, 2005

BSWC Audio File from 11.19.05 Available

Here is the audio file from Saturday's program. Thanks, as always, to the Internet Archive for providing a home for so much cool stuff, including Black Sweater, White Cat.


Anonymous said...

Hey Biotic - great show you got here. I think this show is actually from Oct 1. Thanks for the Lisa DB. She is something else.

Biotic said...

Sharp ears! This was a repeat. Biotic is on the road this week and left behind the program from 10.01.05 to air in Great Barrington on the mother ship, WBCR-LP 97.7 FM. I went ahead and posted it to the site since it had yet to be included in the feed. I wanted to make sure that the Lisa DB was sent along to the ITunes Podcast Directory.

Thanks for listening.