Nov 2, 2005

Sony BMG is Caught Red-Handed...Bad Sony, Bad Sony

Taking Digital Rights Management to even more dark and evil extremes, Sony BMG has been caught distributing CD's that slip a form of spyware into the user's operating system. Boing, Boing has blogged about it and has a link to the (very) technical explanation. This is a nasty development.

From Boing, Boing:

"A technical dissection by the mighty Mark Russinovich of Sony's rootkit-based DRM. Sony uses genuine black-hat techniques to install a rootkit, even choosing a Windows-sounding name for a service just like your favourite backdoor, and about as easy to detect or remove. Basically, Sony puts the sort of malware on its customers' PCs that the rest of the world spends alot of money fighting."

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