Nov 5, 2005

BSWC Artist Playlist for 11.05.05

Eiffel Tower lights reflection
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Spent some quality time with the last few nights. The first half hour tonight will have a definite francophone tilt.

  1. Berceuse de Julie by Ehma
  2. Assise sur un banc by Ehma
  3. l'ame soeur by Audrey
  4. Capotes à un Franc by El Manu
  5. en bord de nationale by sam
  6. le petit pas panal by sam
  7. Sarkozy by CaClo
  8. Le temps by El Manu
  9. Cool Fresh Apple Cider by The Bran Flakes
  10. Just My Luck (fourstones mix) by
  11. thieves by
  12. Shaken Not Stirred by Br Cleve & His Lush Orchestra
  13. You & me baby in my motocarro by Alcachofo
  14. Accidental Beatnik by Coconut Monkeyrocket
  15. riptide.mix by Lushy
  16. lifelong fiction by aphilas
  17. Falling by Twizzle
  18. The Shnay Speaks by Cagey House
  19. Yellow_Chaos by Realaze
  20. Bessere Welt by Zirkulardynamik
  21. Arcade - keep on by stereoskill
  22. Moonlight Zombie Dance by Bruce Lenkei
  23. African melo by zestoff
  24. the spank (Florian Filsinger - Salamandroids mix) by geistfrei
  25. Fear by Mr. Zack
  26. Upon Rock City by Books On Tape
  27. Ballad Of A Drunkard by Talking Cure

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Anonymous said...

hey thanks for our track in the playlist !