Nov 22, 2005

Black Sweater, White Cat Online Exclusive: BSWC Podcast Extra #1

Biotic is on vacation in the Rockies this week, but with the power of the internet here is a tasty tidbit of a set he put together last night. Great new music from Freiraum out of Switzerland along with Eloi Brunelle from Montreal, a Christian Didelot release from and a BSWC favorite by Bruce Lenkei that was released on the Comfort Stand netlabel compilation, "Comfort Cake".


subsystem7 said...

Excellent extra! Was listening to some Freiraum today, very hot. Biotic is on the job, AMASAMA can feel the love.

Anonymous said...

Very nice show.

I've listened to it during surfing on the net. Exactly in the moment when that Eloi brunelle track started I was on the epsilonlab site by chance :)