Mar 30, 2006

CC Artist Collective: DiSfish

If you like your music artist and user friendly then check out DiSfish. Organized by Cezary Ostrowski (Poland) and Marco Raaphorst (Netherlands), DiSfish has a great variety of music from around the world and around the internet. Artist compensation is in the form of donations and visitors can download songs or complete MP3 albums:
"You pick the "price". You can burn and print as many copies as you wish. Parties can also license our music for commercial use.

Artists keep half of every donation. A charity of our choice gets 5% (each month different). Creative Commons get 5%. The rest is for running and promoting DiSfish."

Cezary and Marco are frequent contributers to CC:Mixter and have significant fanbases across the internet and in Europe. (Europe Rocks)!

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thanks a lot Biotic!