Apr 3, 2006

Comfort Stand Memories: CSR031-The Bran Flakes

Subsystem and I each have our favorite Comfort Stand releases. This is one of my all-time favorites. The Bran Flakes are a CS founder, Otis Fodder project and they take the mashup concept to the level of high art. I Remember When I Break Down--Side 1 just works for me on so many levels. The Debbie Gibson/Dr. Ruth mashup about 10 minutes into the track is insane. From the Archives.org release page:
"The cassette was recorded in Stead, Nevada, outside of Reno where we were living for a short time. Living on broke ends and with ample free time we used what we had around to make the cassette... turntable, 2 cassette decks, discman, VCR, radio shack mixer and the Roland MS-1 Phrase Sampler.

All the sounds were sampled in on 8 touch pads on the Roland and while playing the song live by hitting the pads the output was sent to a cassette deck. Holding down the pads would repeat the loops which was nice and loop points were set before hitting record on the tape deck. Then the process was repeated by clearing out the Roland memory and loading up new sounds and playing them over the previously recorded cassette to a new tape in another deck. This was repeated to achieve the desired effect and/or the finished song. Normally each track had 1 to 6 overdubs. While playing the Roland Live we would load up sound effects CDs in the discman or a video tape in the VCR or a record on the turntable and pipe them live through the board for added effects."
Thanks again to all involved in Comfort Stand for all the memories--The entire collection is an amazing cultural contribution.

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