Apr 2, 2006

Netlabel News: Comfort Stand Becomes an Archives

On April Fools day, 2006 Comfort Stand announced that it was no longer going to be an active netlabel. They are calling it a day. After two plus years and 71 releases everyone involved is moving on to new projects.

I received this by email at 1:51 this morning:
"Farewell Comfort Stand!

We realize that this news comes on April Fools day, however this is no joke.

After a two year and five month run, we have closed Comfort Stand.


The project is over and we will no longer release new works.

All of our music will remain online. Free and for a very long time.

In closing, we present 8 double disc releases and a greatest hits compilation by the Dondero High School A Capella Choir!


Start right off with a pop concert sampler!...


Thank you, to all of our past visitors and future friends!"
Good bye Comfort Stand and Good Luck to Otis Fodder, Mr. Melvis and all those who contributed so much to such a cool project. The fruits of your labors will live on at the great mothership, archive.org

Try this Mr. Melvis tune from Comfort Stand Release 001, A Walk Through the Powerhouse.

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