Apr 6, 2006

Lisa DeBenedictis on Black Sweater, White Cat

We have invited the CC Chanteuse extraordinaire, Lisa DeBenedictis to join us this coming Saturday. We were pleasantly surprised when she accepted our invitation. You can join us too. Our terrestrial mothership, WBCR-LP now has a live internet stream so you can hear the interview live. We expect to talk to Lisa between 9 and 9:30ish EDT. Naturally, we will be playing a selection of her music from Magnatune.com and some of the remix material from ccmixter.

Magnatune and ccmixter got together to have a remix contest featuring the Magnatune releases by Lisa with the entire Magnatune catalog of over 1,700 pieces of music available for source material. There were some really wonderful pieces generated for the contest and the 13 creators who made the top 15 winning entries were signed to a Magnatune recording contract and appear on a commercially available remix album.

Try Love Bird by callmeyang featuring the vocals of Lisa DeBenedictis.

Don't forget, if you can't make the live broadcast you can always pickup the podcast right here at biotic.blogspot.com.

Thanks for listening.

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