Nov 3, 2006

Day 307 over at CC:365

I'm simply going nuts over Seiji Toda's tune, Clock Works. I just posted this over at CC:365. I'll be posting there all week.

"Clock Works appeared on two Black Sweater, White Cat playlists during the month of October. I'm completely in love with this song. If you happen on this page and don't subscribe to the CC:365 feed you owe it to yourself to click and download this song. But, what the hell, subscribe and take full advantage of the CC:365 experience.

According to Music Podcast, this is Mr. Toda's second solo release. This song is on a release called There She Goes. His first release was "Hello World" ten years ago.

Podshower has this to say about Mr. Toda and his work:

Famous for being a modernist, the unique Lyricism that lingers from his work for some reason makes one cry. His Latest work along with his sophisticated song-writing is symbolic with the melodic electronica scene of Europe. If there is a music folklore of the computer world in the first half of 21st century, his work will be the one, Masterpiece. In attendance will be extravagant musicians such as Yasuyuki Shimizu(Sax), Keiichi Suzuki(whistler), Saeko Suzuki(Dr. Chorus).

There is also a fantastic little video of the song available at

This song posted by Biotic and I approve of this message.

Seiji Toda-Clock Works (5:13)

P.S. Now it is back to to see what other joy they have for me..."

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