Nov 6, 2006

Lisa Debenedictis and YouTube

Recent work from a long-time BSWC friend, Gurdonark...

A search for Lisa pulls up a handful of videos with attribution to her music. This is one of the great things about CC...good CC music can become a social meme and take off...In Gurdonark's words:

Lisa DeBenedictis' song Tigers appears o Lisa DeBenedictis' song Tigers appears on her album Tigers from Lisa is one of the most remixed artists on the 'net, because she kindly posts her a capellas with Creative Commons licenses for others to remix. One of those remixes of her voice, "Brilliant Daze", by professional hip hop musician and producer Pat Chilla the Beat Gorilla, even found its way onto a lonelygirl15 video.

This music video is itself a kind of Creative Commons visual remix. The photographs, which are credited in the film, are all by artists who kindly granted BY or BY SA licenses to use their work. This kind of sharing makes for a Creative Commons (see which is a wonderful alternative to major-corporate-hegemony musical culture.

The visuals of this film are therefore licensed Creative Commons BY SA, while the music is BY SA NC, which permits non-commercial uses.

Thanks to Lisa and her husband B. for allowing use of photos of her in the film.

Later this week we'll take a look at some of the lonelygirl15 stuff.

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Gurdonark said...

Thank you for the shout-out, which, by the miracle of the internet, has now spread virally from your post to all sorts of places. I believe there's a mild typo in your transcription of my blurb on youtube, which actually proved quite handy, as it helps establish that BSWC is the source of so many pick-ups by sites in so many places. Thanks again for the kind word.