Nov 4, 2006

From Bern, Switzerland, It's Starfrosch!

As mentioned previously, this is my week for posting CC music at Here is Day 308:

"I don't completely understand what they are doing over there in Bern, Switzerland with this Starfrosch concept, but that has not kept me from entirely enjoying what they do. It's a podcast, a web 2.0 net community, a Creative Commons music name it, it seems like they have it going on...

Here is something that I stumbled on while putting together tonight's Black Sweater, White Cat. (This song made it into Set #4). I tend to like tunes that include a touch of the electronic along with that organic guitar sound. Yesterday's Day 307-Seiji Toda-Clock Works had that going for it as well.

Here is how the Starfroschers describe what they do and this release, da schau her, on

starfrosch is a collective from bern (.ch) bringing us a
surprisingly popesque and very playful release.

in addition starfrosch is also a platform for podcasting, netaudio-news, networking and a gamecenter. according to douglas adams "hitchhikers guide to the galaxy", frogstar world b is the planet which plans the restaurant at the end of the universe.

that's where we all would like to go, to hear jeannie casey (voc) and carina schilling (voc) unfold their voices, and sing themself into the souls of the listeners. while christoph geissbühler (piano), markus koller (laptop), adriano schneider (guitar) and daniel schärer (bass) are concentrating on groove and harmony during their recording sessions. those guys don't talk about musical biographies, but instead feel like they were born with their instruments and play. and their tonal diversity is best reflected in the music.

It is great, they are great.

Starfrosch-Starguitar (4:33)

P.S. If you are reading this sometime between 9 and 11 pm Eastern (-5 Greenwich) on Saturday night you can listen to the WBCR-LP stream and hear BSWC unfold live.

This song posted by Biotic and I approve of this message."

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