Oct 1, 2007

BSWC One-d-Day: 1000000 a.d. - Fade Into You

I don't remember ever posting a cover before, but this is an excellent general representation of the entire release, which I enjoyed straight through. It is a cover of Mazzy Star's big hit, Fade Into You. Moody, slow, melancholic, and lo-fi -- perfect. That description really works for the entire release, Come On Lincoln, released through the netlabel Cornslaw Industries. Cornslaw is based in Toledo Ohio and lives and dies by its motto "puttin' stuff on the web that wasn't there before."

1000000 a.d. has a myspace page and a site on Cornslaw, neither of which are very informative ;)

I hope you enjoy this selection.

1000000 a.d. - Fade Into You

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Cornslaw industries said...

we love you... almost to an uncomfortable level.
-Cornslaw Industries