Oct 9, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Nurthre - Quoi Quoi Quoi

Plunderphonic fun coming at us for today's post from Nuthre, a very prolific Canadian Musician. The release, popstars, put out on the label Pop Quiz, is high energy pop / rap / dance / hip hop from start to finish.

For the uninitiated, plunderphonic is a label applied to an audio composition made of components taken unselfconsciously and directly from existing pieces of music and altering to form a brand new composition. Mixing and splicing copyrighted materials without permission is the norm. This type of sampling is sometimes delicious, and usually a comment on the original work or on copyright in general. You may have heard Biotic refer to Chenard Walker as a "plunderphonic wunderkind" in his September 24th One-a-Day post.

I hope you enjoy this track, and check out more of Nuthre's work, which does not follow this genre in general.

You may have noticed we're behind by a few days on One-a-Day posting... fear not! This is due purely to a recent time crunch.

Nurthre - Quoi Quoi Quoi

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