Oct 6, 2007

BSWC-The Show: Latin Sounds or Sounds Latin, Your Call.

[Updated 10.7.07: Here is the audio file for last night's show. Haven't posted one for a while, but really, really enjoyed this show. Hope you do, too.]

Here is the playlist for the radio show tonight. A latin sound, uh...er, should I say sounds from Latin America. Well, that is the angle I took while putting the show together. It is fun.

As always, if you are reading this sometime between 9 and 11 pm Eastern (-5 Greenwich) on Saturday night you can listen to our stream.

If you don't hear it live, then you can always subscribe to the podcast feed:

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Mulata by Radioguagua Soundsystem
Corazon Comprado by Radioguagua Soundsystem

Bossinha (Aquilez Remix) by Chico Correa & Electronic Band
Cumbia Feliz by Feliz
Latin Madness by Funkatron
sunset - horizon by tatsu
Madrugada a la Gil Evans by The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra
Popkiller by Tim & Puma Mimi
Rampant Zoo Sex Orgy by Cube
Sweet Papa Fridge by Bird Lantern
Puppies in the space by Sminky
Froggie's trip to the edge of the world by D fast
Mangangá by Chico Correa & Electronic Band
tua nema nishto by adrian juarez remixing AnGeL D.
Merengón by Trópico esmeralda
El Guacho by El Remolon
Joy is not in the brain by Spirit Elevating Brains
tango..finale by 9fold
Cidra e Cigarrinho by Flu
Bobo Alegre by Flu

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to this podcast I found out more about the amazing world of net-labels and 3 ridiculously good things...wonderful El Remolon, Chico Correa(I am sure Chic Corea will like it) and the brutally awesome release of Spirit elevating brains on Test Tube (amazing net-label by the way)...Thanks biotic!