Jun 18, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Idmonster - Close Harness

A new release from monotonik caught my attention this evening, Idmonster's Preloved EP. Idmonster is Pendle Poucher, a musician from the UK who hasn't released on monotonik since 2002. Mr. Poucher creates and plays music for television and documentary.

Close Harness, is the first track on the EP, and my personal favorite. As with many other tracks I've chosen this year, the full composition takes its time building up, but won't disappoint. Thank you Idmonster for this release, I hope they keep coming!

Monotonik was founded by Simon Carless in 1996 with the premise of providing an outlet for talented electronic musicians who "weren't getting the attention they deserved." Monotonik says "We do this for fun. Music is great, and giving great music away for free is even better."

Idmonster - Close Harness

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