May 1, 2015

Shin Wada - Scene #1 "Do You Know What The Scariest Thing Is?"

Bump Foot has always been an interesting place to dig, quite a number of picks from past posts and shows have been from either the Bump or the Foot side of this Japanese net label formed as far as I can tell, in 2005.  Bump focuses on techno and house while foot does everything else. Collectively, this netlabel boasts a 441 releases to date!

This pick is from the release A Fictional Movie Soundtrack [foot240] by Shin Wada from late February.  It is beautiful classical ambient, each track transitioning beautifully into the next. Apart from Bump Foot, Shin Wada (hailing from Japan) has a soundcloud page and numerous other web locations (bandcamp, etc) primarily highlighting this release. Shin Wada seems fairly new on the scene - certainly a welcome addition!!

Since the whole release is a single composition, I am posting the first track... make sure to download the rest for a journey we are all lucky to have for free.

Oh, and as for getting things back on track with one-a-day (yup, Biotic and Subsystem7 have fallen a bit behind... call it Spring fever here in New England) we'll be catching up with any missed days under the "oops" tag.

Have yourself a sonicful day.

Shin Wada - Scene #1 "Do You Know What The Scariest Thing Is?"

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