Mar 22, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Freiraum - Fragile Feeling

Many thanks go out to Starfrosch for bringing the latest Alpinechic compilation to our attention. Alpinechic is the legendary Swiss netlabel based in Zurich.

Today's selection is a wonderful tune from a BSWC favorite (featured both on the show and in a BSWC Podex), Freiraum. The tune is something of a departure for them with pablo mateu & andreas freitag incorporating some great female vocals for a great up-beat lounge sound.

Of course, we shouldn't be surprised: an industry which likes to pigeonhole bands freiraum successfully defended its diverse repertoire. they are not only sound-fetishists but also created their own style that proves synthetic sounds can be more than just techno.

freiraum is in its element when boundaries are broken down! the success of the last albums/releases shows that the gimmicky style has found many friends among the electro and experimental music scene.
Alpinechic is hosting a release party in Zurich at Dynamo on March 30 with label artists Pureape, Tim and Puma Mimi, Freiraum, along with a special guest, Severin24. If we were going to be in Zurich on that Friday night we certainly would be there.

Freiraum - Fragile Feeling

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Gurdonark said...

Great lounge-pop. In my mind, this would be worth a trip to Zurich.
In my actual life, this one will go into my mp3 player, and I'll take a trip to google to find more.
A great song.