Mar 30, 2007

BSWC One-a-day: Tim and Puma Mimi - Popkiller

What would I do without Starfrosch, the fabulous Swiss music blog?

They have come through again by alerting me to a new release by BSWC Fav's Tim and Puma Mimi. They have a new tune out that comes with a video release. The tune is called Popkiller.

It has that homegrown production style that brings to mind lower Eastside, NYC about 20-30 years ago. Very cool.

" spring 2004 we released the EP "The Adventures of Tim & Puma Mimi", on
We thought, that was it: Mimi had to go back to Japan and Tim stayed in Switzerland... But the little seed grew in the internet and came into real life: Radios started to play the songs, it was anounced in newspaper and after one year the first invitations came for concerts."
They are playing a very cool bill tonight in Zurich. You can catch them with Pureape, Freiraum, and Severin24 at Dynamo starting at 9:00 just couple hours from now.

Thank you, Starfrosch. Life is good.

Tim and Puma Mimi - Popkiller

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