May 6, 2015

Frenic - Money Ain't No Women

Today's track is from a blocSonic netBloc release called Antididonai.  This was #39 in the series. It was released in November 2012. 

netBloc #39 has a great collection of tracks from a broad spectrum of artists (one of whom was featured in yesterday's post).

Bristol artist and producer Frenic describes his music on his Facebook page:
Frenic's music production reflects his D.J influences and a love of old retro sounds creating deep emotional music."Essentially Im a hip-hop D.J but I don't just play Hip-Hop Records". His tunes touch on hip-hop, breaks, DnB, dubstep, funk, soul, rock and anything that bounces!.
If you are exploring the universe of Creative Commons music then you can't do much better than to immerse yourself in this amazing series of releases. We are regularly impressed and surprised by what we find there.

Frenic - Money Ain't No Women

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