May 5, 2015

Professor Kliq - Wire & Flashing Lights

Back on February 18 we posted a track by the good professor for the first time.  Time to circle back 'cause this is pretty awesome.

This is the title track off the release which you can find on Professor Kliq's Soundcloud page.  

Professor Kliq is Mike Else from Chicago.  He has been producing music since 1999 and places all of his original work in the Creative Commons.

We owe a tip of the hat to Laika who contributed this as part of a Top Ten List to our friends at Starfrosch.  It's a great list.  

If you are looking for a good aggregator of CC music you should definitely dip your toes in the warm Swiss waters of Starfrosch.

Professor Kliq - Wire & Flashing Lights

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