Jan 15, 2015

Mc Norman - Why

We love new traditions.  Creative Commons Affiliates has put out a mixtape of 25 different artists from around the world who are using the license to get their music out there to share. Released on netwaves records, this is a tremendously diverse grouping of musical talent and styles.

For our post today we offer this tune from South African-based Ugandan artist, Mc Norman.  His music is published on Jamendo.com and features a popish reggaeton sound.  This tune is very catchy and worth a listen.

As mentioned above, the mixtape provides an incredible window into the international Creative Commons music world.  The artists release their music on a wide-range of platforms, including Jamendo, Free Music Archive, Soundcloud, Archive.org and Bandcamp. There really is something for everyone on this release.  

From the release notes:
Across the world millions of creators are using Creative Commons licenses to promote and spread their creativity and to find a global audience. Many of these are music artists, performers and songwriters and for this year’s tape a whopping 25 countries have contributed, covering 4 continents of amazing music cultures and artistic talents of all audio trades. Dive in to discover what the world has to offer while at the same time appreciating sharing culture. Enjoy!
I expect that we will be revisiting in the next several days.  But don't wait for us, follow the link and get it yourself.  You'll be drilling down into the music before you know it.  

Mc Norman - Why

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