Jul 15, 2008

Metamorphosis - Miami(Final version)

The Dutch netlabel, On-Mix Productions just posted their 100th release and its a doozy. It is called VA-The best ON-Mix tracks according to Kodjax [onmp100]

They asked DJ Kodjax to pick the top 41 tracks from their previous 99 releases. I'm always up for a compilation so I put my ears to the metal.

I found a lot of variety, but with the unrelenting beat theme going on throughout. You will definitely have to pick and choose your favorites...everyone will have a different reaction. I have several that have really struck me and interestingly enough, they are new to me. I have some familiarity with On-Mix and Kodjax introduced me to some really outrageous stuff. Thanks.

There will probably be more from this release in the feed. Stay tuned.

Metamorphosis - Miami(Final version)

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