Jul 15, 2008

Cezary Ostrowski - We are in love (very deep mix)

Well, how about that, two posts on the same night. There is a lot of great music out on the net. Followers of BSWC will recognize our bias towards the mixters at ccMixter. One mixter has always intrigued us and his name is Cezary Ostrowski.

This is a mysterious piece...haunting and beautiful. Ostrowski is using the entrancing vocals of Shannon Hurley who has issued a call for remixes using a cappellas from her “Ready to Wake” album. His work here is brilliant.

Thanks to Spinmeister for including it in ccMixter's Editor's Pick section.

Cezary Ostrowski - We are in love (very deep mix)

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Cat said...

Im not sure why, but this evokes a lot of emotion for me.