Jul 22, 2008

Spinmeister - Robot Love (imádlak)

I said a boom, wakka chikka, wakka chikka, boom.

Oh, man is this a great track from ccMixter.org that was posted to the site on Friday.

Here at Camp BSWC, we are fond of our Sex and Space theme. This tune fits the bill on both accounts.

Starting with the very velvety guitar sample posted by Victor Fourstones, along with the luscious spoken words from Marika, aka essesq, Spinmeister pulls together an extremely sexy number that is so hot you might forget the summer humidity. At least I did. [Update 7/23/08: The preceding paragraph is in error. Marika is responsible for "imádlak" and essesq bringing the 'pella to the table. I regret the error.]

This selection should definitely be in consideration for the Wakka Chikka, Wakka Chikka, Porn Music for the Masses, vol. 3 (if one ever materializes).

Spinmeister - Robot Love (imádlak)

Image courtesy of V2 licensed under a Creative Commons License.


Anonymous said...

I am thrilled that you have posted this discussion here as I love Spinmeister's track, however your post is slightly, but importantly, in error. Marika and I are very different people, I can assure you, so please correct that part of your post. I think both Spinmeister and Marika will thank you.

spinmeister said...

sorry - my fault for not making it clear enough. The spoken words are by essesq except for the word "imádlak", which is courtesy of Marika.

I changed the description to make it more clear.

But above all - thanks for the kind words!

spinmeister said...

p.s. I feel a bit like a schmuck not to have been aware of your wonderful blog before. What a great resource and I'm totally humbled for having been included on your esteemed list of artists/songs. Just listened to one of your shows on archive.org (April 7, 2007) and loved every minute of it. Now I'll have to listen to some of the other one's, too.

Are you still doing the radio style thing anywhere, like a podcast or something?

Thanks again for the kind inclusion of my remix in your blog and I hope I didn't misrepresent anything in my blog entry about your site. If there are errors or omissions, please let me know and I will correct them.