Jul 9, 2008

Jupiter Makes Me Scream - Alinai

Here is something new from the Foot side of the Bump Foot netlabel. Bump Foot is a netlabel based in Japan that has two sides. One is the Bump which features music that is more uptempo and beat oriented. The Foot side of the label is more laid back and relaxing. This is what we find with Jupiter Makes Me Scream.

The release is called Tuesday Morning Hurricane EP and was posted at archive.org on Sunday, July 6th.

It took me a couple listens to catch up with the beauty of these five tunes. I picked one to share, but I recommend listening to the complete release in order. They work with and compliment each other.

Tuesday Morning Hurricane EP was produced by Karolis Buržinskas. He is the Lithuanian behind Jupiter Makes Me Scream.

Enjoy this release.

Jupiter Makes Me Scream - Alinai

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