Sep 2, 2009

Konsumprodukt - Divorcio Robot

Rumbero Elegante is the name of a release that first appeared in May, 2009. Konsumprodukt is a project of of Spanish based Alejandro Remeseiro that consists of quite a few delicious little bites. A little lounge, a little techno and little just say what...I was torn as to what to post, but you should feel free to go to and check out the entire release.
"Rumbero elegante" is obviously influenced by the styles and rhythms of Alejandros home country in the first place, but he adds some wicked twists and turns that clearly show his special view on music.
The netlabel Laridae released this one and I can't wait to see what else they've been up to lately.

Konsumprodukt - Divorcio Robot

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