Sep 3, 2009

Roglok - Home Is Where The Trash Is

Hell, I forgot how much fun it is to hunt for CC music across the net. I love this one. It is a release by an artist called Roglok on a netlabel called upitup. The release goes by the name Out of disorder.

According to the release notes he turned in a monster set at a picknick date in Berlin. Is there video?
With his second album Roglok releases yet another insane masterpiece. It seems that the kid who designed our website has not only found his own sound (we call it hobby) but also brought it to perfection: gummy acid basslines over punchy dancefloor beats, that ridiculous melody you can't get out of your head, some gabber and techno. His legendary set at Picknick in Berlin turned the place upside down and made the hipsters lose their aloofness. You just have to dance!

Give this one a shot.

Roglok - Home Is Where The Trash Is

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