Sep 5, 2009

RubberDucky - Monday

Hot off the presses, Sketchbook by Rubber Ducky came through Jamendo a couple of days ago. This is not electronic, nor is it avant-garde, and definitely not pop; so a bit of a departure from many of my posts. You may think I am being a little heavy on Jamendo, but so many Creative Commons Licensed releases come through it that BSWC could probably be a podcast focused on Jamendo and not run out of interesting music.

Sketchbook is fun to listen to from start to finish. Real instruments, male and female vocals, lots of drums and guitar. I'd like to see Rubber Ducky live. However, there seems to be no information about the band anywhere. Certainly none on Jamendo. RubbyD please post some!

This tune is reminiscent of the Proclaimers (just a little) but with a great female vocal.

RubberDucky - Monday


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