Apr 25, 2007

BSWC News: Internet Archive Changes The Way They Count Downloads

The Internet Archive announced today that they are shifting the way they count and report downloads of material at the site. Until today they only counted direct downloads from their site. In other words, you needed to be at archive.org to have your download count in IA's Batting Average for the item.

Now, they are going to count downloads of files that have direct links from other sites. This should have a big impact on netlabels and other independent music distributors hosted by IA.

The change certainly makes a lot of sense. It will provide a more realistic and meaningful statistic than the old Batting Average.


Anonymous said...

That's huge news.... that was annoying to me.

Good lookin' out!

lastik said...

this blog is so fantastic, lots of ideas and great music! I have to link it in my blog...