Feb 18, 2015

Professor Kliq - Seventeen

It's a great feeling when we can say, "awesome find." This is a track from an 2013 release called Wire and Flashing Lights from Jamendo.com. Actually, we found it on Soundcloud, but tracked the artist across to Jamendo.com and even found some of his stuff on archive.org. We love the hunt for #ccmusic.

Professor Kliq is from Chicago. He started making music the old fashioned way in 1996 with a Casio keyboard and a tape recorder. There is a bunch of really fine material posted at both Jamendo and Soundcloud. Some of it is absolutely jumping and some of it more cerebral and dreamy. This guy has a lot of talent.

Here is a little about the artist from Jamendo:
Raised in the west suburbs of Chicago, Professor Kliq (Mike Else) underwent a lengthy and profound evolution both musically and mentally. With a variety of names, (Sharp Harpsichord, Quaziteque, Kid Kranium, Professor K), he explored any kind of electronic music he developed an affinity for. With influences ranging from different trip-hop DJ's like Krush, Shadow and Cam to more experimental and noise-based artists like Aphex Twin and Squarepusher, he combines these modern elements with those he learned from music theory and his upbringing on jazz as well as 80's pop and electronic music.
Really, click and find some really great music.

Professor Kliq - Seventeen

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