Sep 24, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Otis Fodder - Nous aimons oui

The first volume of the Chenard Walcker tribute release is up at WM Recordings. A impressive beginning, I must say.

Chenard Walcker is the plunderphonic wunderkind responsible for all sorts of audio madness. Unfortunately, he was stricken and is now recovering.

Chenard Walcker, a friend of the online music world, is slowly recovering from a diabetic coma. His brother reports that he is not physically suffering. He fell into the coma in September 2006, and is now working on speech development and object differentiation.

We all are hoping for a full recovery. Chenard's presence is missed.

Otis Fodder - Nous aimons oui

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Anonymous said...

Sounds great, love all the different directions on this.