Apr 16, 2015

Ancient Lasers - Building Peace Through Better Weapons

Here is an awesome track from a 2013 release from the Russian netlabel, Clinical Archives.  The release is called You in the Future.

Ancient Lasers hail from lovely Whatcom County in the northwest corner of Washington State.  

[Full Disclosure: A radio program by the name of Black Sweater, White Cat first aired on radio station KUGS-FM in the county seat of Bellingham, WA during the 80's...mostly soul, R&B, Afropop and early hip hop.]

Ancient Lasers is a project of Daniel Finfer.  Inspired by the writings of Ray Kurzweil, he describes his approach:
...While his lyrics may sound like they are a stereo­typ­i­cal explo­ration of love, romance, and youth­ful bravado, they are actu­ally “a con­ver­sa­tion between my future and present selves, I’m sort of talk­ing back and forth through time.”
We're guessing you will want to listen in to the conversation.

Ancient Lasers - Building Peace Through Better Weapons

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