Apr 10, 2015

Dieter Werner - Lodowa Komnata

Fittingly this haunted electronic track that was recorded in 1995 is from a release published in the future. Electronic Music from Year 1995 is the name of a release published by Dieter Werner Archive Records on Jamendo.com. The release is dated November 3, 2015.

I'm losing myself in this ethereal collection of old school electronics.

He has been producing and recording music for years, beginning in Lodz, Poland in 1989. He has recorded for television and stage. He has been inspired by Klaus Schultze and Yello. There is quite a range of musical styles on display at Jamendo.

Here is a translated snip of his artist statement from Jamendo:
My idea is to combine elements of different musical styles sometimes very distant. In my compositions in addition to the mainstream, which is EL-Music, rub with m.in: trance, goa, electro, house, dark ambient, darkwave, but also unite symphonic music, old, ethnic, elements of hard rock, and other genres.
We loved Yello. And, oh...this is the 100th BSWC post of 2015.

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