Apr 14, 2015

Andrew Cosentino - I May Never Sell Blood Again

To continue from yesterday's post:  Blood donation is a good thing...

This release, Country Western Star, dropped at the blocSonic netlabel on April 3.  It features an extensive collection of the music of Andrew Cosentino.  Our selection today was recorded in 2014 and is among the newer of the tracks included on a two disc release (21 tracks in all).

Mike Gregoire describes Andrew's sound:
Either way, Andrew’s sound is something unique and the way he merges live instrumentation with samples is intricate and makes for adventurous listening. I’m quite sure that this young man has much more to say, musically and I look forward to what comes next.
If you haven't hipped to the doings at blocSonic, consistency and craftsmanship are the byword for this excellent netlabel.

Andrew Cosentino - I May Never Sell Blood Again

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