Apr 8, 2015

Mounika - Soul Blue Tango

Thanks go out to our friends at Starfrosch for pulling our heads around to this wonderful release from Dusted Wax Kingdom.  

The release is called Born To Be Beats by Mounika.  Mounika is from Poitiers, France.

The release page at archive.org doesn't have much information, but Kus at Starfrosch fills in the blanks for us:
Largely inspired by calm music, he picks his samples in some jazz, funk and abstract songs. He spends most of the time looking for that famous perfect sample, digging in internet and vinyl.
It's worth your while to dig into this release, no doubt about it.

Mounika - Soul Blue Tango

1 comment:

Marc said...

Yes, that Mounika-EP is one of the best netlabel releases we came across lately. By the way. Thanky you for that great job with daily updates you are doing! Cheers.