Apr 3, 2015

Dr. Freebs - Funkbuster

Get the move on.  A visit to the iD.EOLOGY netlabel provides this gem of a groove.  They've been busy during the last ten years.  Great stuff up and down. We highly suggest taking some time and taking a look at what is going on with these guys.

Dr. Freebs are really bringing it in this track off their net release, The Freebie Treat.  Here is a taste of the liner notes:

When musicality and band-attitude meet slick production-skills, then electronic beats, smart sequencer-lines, soulful vocals and timeless piano-, guitar- and brass-riffs flow into one another almost naturally, without any pretentious, eclecticistic sampling-hullabaloo being required.
Digging it.

Dr. Freebs - Funkbuster

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