Sep 16, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Carlos Suarez - Necrolinguaxe

It was a grey day this past Friday when I discovered Resonancias Ontolóxicas, a perfectly fitting release. I listened all the way through and then again. Sent a link to a friend, and tried to think about which song to post. The entire release seems to be filled with the sounds of the natural world - frogs, rain, leaves hit by wind, the noise of a gurgling volcano. The tones and sounds will definitely stimulate your neurons.
"The sound plays inside the vault of the thought, and its innumerable thinkings invoke the presence of to be, reverberating inside an acoustic architecture and producing arguments that debilitates the disintegration power of death."
Necrolinguax puts a cinematic image in my head. There is a decision to be made, and really a course of action that must be taken, the protagonist has woken to the dark realization of this and stands looking over a vastly remote view. The rythym is the beat of preparation and a driving force that cannot be stopped.

Alg-label is a netlabel in Galicia, Spain. It is a label published by the digital arts community alg-a - a community of art, culture, and free action. Carlos Suarez works as an ethnomusicologist (if my poor translation is accurate) - his music certainly reflects this knowledge.

enjoy this selection

Carlos Suarez - Necrolinguaxe

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