Sep 19, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Adrien Juarez - tua nema nishto

It was Monday when I stumbled on the release las guerras from Adrian Juarez (released on Ruidismo). I began listening and couldn't stop until I'd finished the release. Then I listened again, and then to my favorite tracks. The music is fresh, extremely varied, and not self conscious at all. I'm really impressed, and different aspects of the release continue to grow on me.

I chose Tua Nema Nishto, a hip-hop track, because it is an easy one to like right away. If you like it, then try tracks 4 and 5. Once you're convinced that you need to have this daring album in your collection, visit the page and download the full directory.

You'll remember there was another Adrian Juarez track featured in June on BSWC. Oh, and I love the cover photo, taken by Hanna Dryland (more of her work here).

Adrien Juarez - tua nema nishto

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