Sep 12, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Tiny Creatures - The Bing Bang

There is no doubt that some of the most interesting, moving, and dynamic music being created today is coming to us from through the Internet - not fed to us by record companies, but by the artists themselves and through small netlabels employing Creative Commons licensing. Sifting through the massive amount of work being published every day and then choosing just one track certainly gives me a sense of this.

We do have our favorites, and one of mine is the netlabel birdsong, which specializes in creative home recordings. Favoring lo-fi and hi-quality to hi-fi and low-quality Birdsong has delivered some excellent and unique contributions to the CC sphere.

The Bing Bang is one of several excellent tracks from the release Homunculus (I love Lost Wax, She was a Leopard, and Satomi Matsuzaki to mention a few). The track is rich with cross genre influence: Drone, noise, ritual drumming, boys choir, folk... The drums move you and the vocals have an excellent atmospheric presence.
"From beatbox layers recorded live into a delay pedal to stinging guitars to a harmonium competing with crappy, lo-fi keyboards and vocals that conjure images of the Red Army choir, "Homunculus" rides the fine line between eclectic and cohesive and falls square in the middle."
I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Tiny Creatures - The Bing Bang

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