Sep 22, 2007

BSWC-The Show: From the external harddrive

Here is the playlist I hope to present this evening, live in studio. Still waiting for a confirmation from the babysitter...touch and go, don't you know.

Update: Babysitter is here. I'm on my way. Dinner and then the show. What could be better.

As always, if you are reading this sometime between 9 and 11 pm Eastern (-5 Greenwich) on Saturday night you can listen to our stream.

If you don't hear it live, then you can always subscribe to the podcast feed:

Here is the feed.
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Opium Noir (Another World Mix) by Realaze
World by Env
Dust & Smokes by Marco Raaphorst
Winter Wonderland by Marti van Lin
After That Night by Limbo
I feel the sunshine by Oilboy's aftersun
Aya by Monsieur Z
alone but not lonely by s.t
bonjour by Mr Nuts
Directions by Leander
The sell by Roll Film
Talk about you by The Banjo Consorsium

You Always Stayed Beyond by Leutohm
Sensuality by Mr. Moods
the day the strawberries will arrive by Omars Attacks
she is not a human! by Omars Attacks

Bad Buddhist mp3 by Mark Harms / Harmsichord
Brilliant Daze (Days Are Confu by Fourstones
I'm The I (995) - Fourstones by Magnatune Remixed
There Is No Brad Sucks - Fours by Magnatune Remixed

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