Mar 2, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Jasmin - Heute im Stadion

A quick post to put this one out there. From the netlabel, 12rec here is Jasmin in a 2005 release that you can find at

The release is called EP 02 [12rec.027] The tune, Heute im Stadion has a real nice sound to it. I guess that you would call it "post-rock" if you were looking for a tag. Of course, I've been known to use "music" as a tag...probably not very effective.

12rec described the tune on the release notes:

"...heute im stadion is jasmin's version of contemporary hardrock. the title refers to 'stadium' and can be read as an ironical statement concerning huge rockband-riffing."
Here's to a good weekend. Enjoy.

Jasmin - Heute im Stadion

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