Apr 11, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Dorothy's Magic Bag - Picassos Penis

Ok, this is an awesome track. I didn't choose it because it is named Picasso's Penis, however, that didn't hurt. It was also no surprise when I looked at the track notes and realized this is a track by none other than Dorothy's Magic Bag.

Sadly this is from the very last CandyMind release. CandyMind has apparently been purchased and closed down by the swedish netlabel Subnatura. Not sure what this means yet, nothing other than that smallish piece of information is available yet. Biotic sent me the disturbing news and a link to this phenomenal collection.

Enough with the depression! Download this track and then the whole release and enjoy!

Dorothy's Magic Bag - Picassos Penis


Anonymous said...

Just to clear a few things out. In your blog you have some posts about a rumour originating from candymind. Just wanted to make clear that subnatura.com did not buy, tried to buy or wanted to buy candymind, ever. This is simply a falsification of the truth that shouldn't be spread further.

ji said...

agree, its a false rumour spread for unknown reasons.

Anonymous said...

It is actually true, subnatura.com finally paid $35000 for the candymind domain, and logo. Apparently there was some kind of fight going on between the two labels, and candymind being so much smaller, did not really stand a chance when they went to court.

Anonymous said...

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