Mar 7, 2015

Billano & Luis René - Te Lo Digo

Here is one that just dropped yesterday on Soundcloud. It was produced by LFA aka Fausto Mujica. Fausto was featured on these pages on February 17th.  

Mexican freestyle hip hop with a wide range of musical influences is the order of the day. The piece builds on a project called Buen Clima.

Here is the story behind the good weather [translation by Google]:
Good weather is a project started in mid-2013 as a group of groove and contemporary jazz. Taking elements and musical resources of hip hop, funk, drum n'bass and other genres. With solid foundation and dynamic themes, Good Weather generates atmospheres and environments suitable for improvisation, giving rise to a connection not only among themselves but also with the public.
We are short on information today, but long on musical enjoyment and talent.

Billano & Luis René - Te Lo Digo

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