Jul 5, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Acid 42 - Quiet (Bleedingboy Soundtrack remix)

Back to the marvelous Philippine electronics netlabel, QED, for this newly released collection called Nykto [qd-4245] that was created as a soundtrack. The music backs a 12-minute independent short film of the same title, directed by Elvert dela Cruz Bañares.

Today's selection was remixed by Bleedingboy Soundtrack. The music is synth-based with a touch of Peter Gabriel, among others.
"The music is a mix of ethnic and electronic, dark and light melodies, silence and rhythm, meandering into hope and fulfillment, as eventually all darkness must pass. The music was created by Acid42 (Lionel Valdellon) without having seen or known anything about the film."
It would be nice to see the film, maybe it will show up on Youtube some day.

Acid 42 - Quiet (Bleedingboy Soundtrack remix)

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LionelZivan said...

Thanks for featuring Nykto! There's a trailer for Nykto up on Youtube.