Jul 19, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Fourstones - India (Treatment)

I was browsing through the Editor's Picks at ccMixter and found this gem. Fourstones is one of my
favorites at the site. He has a keen ear and an unfailing sense of what is going to work.

As mixter BOCrew puts it:
"what a Groove WOWOWo the bass is crazy with this incredible Drum beat…remember me a Bernie worrel production or Bill laswell prod."
Fourstones - India (Treatment)


Anonymous said...

I agree. Fourstones is an incredible mixer/producer/artist... and this song is a perfect example of the quality of his musical works. He is a machine!

(and BOCrew gives the best comments on ccMixter)

Gurdonark said...

I'm glad to see Victor get the recognition. I love his "la vie chill" album, which has a lightness of touch I really respect. Smooth, adult, and yet somehow catchy.

fourstones said...

thanks guys, love all around