Jul 17, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Georg Neufeld - Supreme

Well, here is BSWC One-a-Day post #201.

Back on June 7, in the first 200, I posted a piece by Georg Neufeld. Today, I was listening to a CC-Club DJ Mix by Harald Walker at the Sonic Walker website (Sonic Walker has a marvelous collection of DJ Mixes--highly recommended). Supreme by Neufeld was the kick-off track on Walker's mix.

Crisp, attention-grabbing...Neufeld's style is smart. I'm making sure to download as much of Neufeld's tracks that I can find. You should, too.

Georg Neufeld - Supreme

1 comment:

subsystem7 said...

Good choice my friend. Heavy beats and scraps of human vocals... yum! Let's go dancing...