Jul 16, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Spoiled Egg - Kopfschmerzen

Here is selection #200 for Black Sweater White Cat One-a-Day! Seems like just a few weeks ago that we started posting one cc song each day, and there is definitely no end in sight for the blog or the stimulating cc releases that keep coming out over the Internet.

Zeitlupe, the 70th release from On-Mix Media by Spoiled Egg, hits hard from the first track to the last. It was not an easy choice for me, but I finally came to choose Kopfschmerzen. Like many of my favorites, it begins as with a simple theme and then builds, taking you in further and further into its rhythm, adding layer upon layer, then suddenly releasing its grasp, and allowing us to fade away from it. Perfect track to end a release that you will enjoy start to finish.

Spoiled Egg is comprised of three artists, Wat Tooty and Nicotinejunk from Germany, and Mrt. Devo! from The Netherlands. Together they make very emotionally charged deep industrial.

Enjoy, and be sure to let this one build.

Spoiled Egg - Kopfschmerzen

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