Jul 22, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: John Holowach - The Final Rewind

Looking for cool tunes at ccMixter is a little like bobbing for apples, except it is more pleasant and ultimately, much more productive.

This selection was an Editor's Pick at the site in March. John Holowach is part of the internet band, Tryad (I've heard tell that they are among CC-founder, Laurence Lessig's favorites). The Final Rewind is a Tryad project using a sample uploaded by rjmarshall

Tryad consists of John Holowach (beat, assembly, mix), rjmarshall (texture, feel, musicality), and Vavrek (vocals, wails, lyrics). They move their compositions around the internet to each other; these are all virtual compositions.

John Holowach - The Final Rewind

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