Jul 27, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Butumbaba - Festa - feat. NEGRO (LA CRUDA)

Biotic has planned a great show this Saturday the 28th based on a pile of fresh selections from Jamendo. (catch it at 9 Eastern if you are in the Berkshires at 97.7FM or if you are in Kasilof Alaska on KWMD, or live online) Jamendo is a total favorite of ours for mining for CC music. It has an incredibly deep and surprisingly good catalog. You can always find something great. With Biotic's inspiration in mind, I chose a selection from Jamendo.

Festa is the first track off of Majikakonvinazion, a great latino reggae/ska album just released by Butumbaba on Jamendo. High energy ;) Majikakonvinazion is Butumbaba's first release on Jamendo, but not their first release. Based in Sante Fe Argentina, the band formed in 1993. I think they have an excellent sound!

Enjoy this track, and then download the entire album!

Butumbaba - Festa - feat. NEGRO (LA CRUDA)

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